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Colts Weekly Wrap Up: 7/2/12 – 7/8/12


Published: July 10, 2012


Colts Weekly Wrap Up: 7/2/12 – 7/8/12 thumbnail

The first week of July featured torrential rainstorms that washed out many of the events the Colts had scheduled last week. The team began the week on the road with a game against the Denver Bats on Tuesday. Rain was in the forecast and the skies grew increasing dark as the game moved into the later innings, but the Colts raced to a huge 16-6 victory and set their sights on Friday’s home games.

The Arvada Colts were scheduled to host one of their largest home games ever on Friday with Safety Night sponsored by Personal Benefit Services Wealth Management scheduled to occur. Unfortunately a frustrating persistent drizzle of rain kept the field soaked and many fans indoors as the night approached. The organizers hoped to wait out the storm, but the rain continued and extinguished the abundant excitement surrounding the event. The game was postponed shortly before its scheduled start time.

The Colts then hit the road on Saturday for a game against Impact Sports. The heroes of Arvada stomped all over the competition and left with a convincing 5-2 victory. The rain returned later on in the weekend and only intensified, causing a complete washout of both Colts games scheduled for Sunday. Heavy storms dropped tremendous amounts of water on the city of Arvada, leaving the organizers of Sunday’s event with no choice but to postpone the scheduled games. The team currently stands with a 25-8 overall season record as of Monday July 9. The team is also in first place in the Rocky Mountain Baseball League.

Although this past weekend was a compete loss for the team, the upcoming week is going to be very busy for the organization as numerous rescheduled games are set to occur. The team will spring out of the rainstorms and into action on Tuesday for a game against the Denver Cougars. The Colts will then return home to Long Lake Ranch on Wednesday for a rescheduled doubleheader against the Rock Hounds. The event will be known as “The Arvada Colts Weekday Doubleheader” and is set to begin at 5:45 p.m. if weather conditions cooperate. Thursday will see the team hit the road for a game against the Slammers before returning home on Friday for the largest event in the team’s history.

The Arvada Colts are excited to announce that this Friday will feature both Safety Night sponsored by Personal Benefit Services Wealth Management and Park Health Source/Country Side Chiropractic Health Night presented by to create the largest event in Colts history! All the promotions and giveaways from last Friday’s game will be occurring at the event alongside everything already scheduled for Health Night. Fans are invited to come out to the park and get a free massage from Park Health Source, a free exam and consultation from Country Side Chiropractic and enter the High Point Financial Group giveaway for the chance to win an Apple IPod! The giveaways don’t stop there though as Colts gear and Rockies tickets will also be raffled off! The night will now feature two games with game one set to begin at 5:45 p.m. and game two set to begin at 8 p.m.! Fans are encouraged to arrive early and stay late as the promotions and giveaways will last all night long! As always, all Colts games are FREE to everyone!

Before the excitement of the largest event in Colts history, the entire team will be signing autographs at The Golden Spoon located at 64th and Ward in Arvada on Friday at Noon! Everyone is invited to enjoy the delicious frozen yogurt only The Golden Spoon can offer and spend some time meeting with the stars of the Colts. There will also be giveaways at the event too, so be sure to arrive early to win some cool prizes!

The Colts will hit the road once again on Saturday for a rescheduled game against Double Days before returning home on Sunday for the final home game of the season. The showdown against Walker Transmission is set to begin at 6 p.m. and the event will feature the High Point Financial Group Apple IPod giveaway that has been collecting entries all season long.

That’s it for this edition of the weekly wrap-up from your Arvada Colts. Be sure to follow the team on Facebook for all the latest updates and giveaways all season long.

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