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Colts Season Wrap Up


Published: August 7, 2012


Colts Season Wrap Up thumbnail

The Arvada Colts season has now officially come to an end after a roller coaster summer full of the highest highs and lowest lows. The team just returned home empty handed from a trip to the NBC World Series after being eliminated early, but the entire organization looks to build upon a successful season and reflect upon their mission to not just be the best amateur baseball team in Colorado, but a leader in the local community as well.

The Arvada Colts were shocked to learn that they had been invited to compete in the NBC World Series just days before the tournament was scheduled to begin on Saturday July 28. The team was given an at-large bid and was set to play the Dodge City A’s on Sunday July 29. The entire organization was busy preparing final press releases and brainstorming for 2013, but they would have to put it all on hold as the team hit the road Saturday morning with a new lease on their season after losing in the Rocky Mountain Baseball League Regional Tournament and failing to qualify for the World Series.

The team arrived with expectations sky high, but the competition was tougher than expected. The Colts lost to the Dodge City A’s, sending them to the loser’s bracket where they would have to win or they would be eliminated and sent home to Colorado. The Colts faced their rival Impact Sports on the Monday morning after their first loss for a chance to stay in the World Series. Despite giving their best effort, the Colts lost the game and found themselves on the sidelines.

The Arvada Colts found themselves making the long drive back to their hometown sooner than expected. The result was disappointing but the team can only be proud about what they accomplished during the last few months. The Arvada Colts saw record crowds at their home games this summer, which allowed local businesses to reach out to new audiences at the games and create truly memorable events. The Arvada Colts youth camp was also a great success this summer as well. The camp experienced its best turnout ever and the entire organization looks to come back even stronger with the 2013 youth camp. The stars of the team also participated in hours of community service over the summer and the Colts look to become even more involved in the city of Arvada over the next few years.

With the season over, the Colts can now reflect on the impact they made on the their city, but the team did not do it all alone. The Arvada Colts would not exist without the support of their dedicated sponsors. The Colts are proud to be represented be numerous local businesses that strive to be the best in their respective industries and the Colts look to continue these relationships in the future. The team would also like to send a huge thank you to the city of Arvada and the Arvada Chamber of Commerce for all their support this past season. Finally, the team would like to thank the fans, because when everything is said and done, competitive sports would not exist without passionate fans and the Arvada Colts fans truly are the best.

The season may be done but the Colts are already hard at work planning for 2013. Be sure to follow the Arvada Colts on Facebook for all the latest updates and news. The Arvada Colts are only getting started and look to reach for new heights next summer, not just in competition but also in community service.

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