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Colts News: June 23rd-June 29th 2014


Published: July 1, 2014


Colts News: June 23rd-June 29th 2014 thumbnail

The Arvada Colts week was anything but ordinary. It started off with an easy winagainst the Denver Bats with a 16-4 blow out. The Colts hit two monster homeruns that went over the left field fence and it the tennis courts. The starting pitcher for the Colts was Hunter Funkhouser and he had three strikeout and one earned run. Because of the offensive explosion by the Colts the game was called in the fifth.

The next game was up in Laramie for a double header. The Colts won the first game 7-1. Austin O’Banion hit yet another homerun and had five RBI’s. The Colts also stole three bases. Pitching was Kyle Tinius and threw yet another amazing game. He had three strikeouts and only gave up three hits. A downside of the game for the Colts was they had three errors. Not a good way to keep the winning streak up.

The second game of the double header was a back and fourth game. Colts won 5-4. O’Banion hit another homerun. The starting pitcher was Kyle Shoutta, went to Cherry Creek High School. He had two earned runs and three strikeouts. With six innings pitched. Pretty good performance by him. In to close the game was Cody Allison. And he had one walk but other than that saved the game for the Colts.

Now this is where things start to get interesting for the Arvada Colts. The Colts lost 7-5 to the Golden Grizz. Bringing the winning streak to an end. Colts had eight strikeouts, which is very hard to win with that. Starting for the Colts was Josh Keithley and he allowed five runs in 3.2 innings pitched. Part of that was the four homeruns he gave up. But on the bright side though the Colts had eleven hits.

The next game was a double-header verse Impact Sports. Colts lost 4-2 in the first game. It was just a down night for the Colts hitting in the game, only having five hits. Pitching was Julian Garcia and just could not locate his pitches. It seemed his pitches didn’t have the amount of zip and break to them. But during the game we had all sorts of weather. First it was raining. Then light up and become super hot. Then clouds come and bring even more rain. Then the clouds broke and brought a beautiful night sky.

The last game of the double header was a thriller. The Colts lost 8-5. But its how they lost it. Usually of you get five runs you have a pretty good chance at winning. Well they scored all five in the first inning. The colts had 34 plate appearances so it wasn’t a down hitting night. The starting pitcher was Daniel Brown who only allowed two earned runs but other than that was a good pitching performance. And to top that off had 8 strikeouts. Then came to the relievers. They had a combined six earned runs. Not much to say about that. But through six innings it was close. 5-3 going into the seventh, and things turn for the worst. Allowing five runs!!! Most of those came with two outs, which is just almost unheard of. And with that the Colts got swept at home.

Now its time for the Denver Black Bears. You would probably think by now how can a team that was almost to 20 straight wins be in this slump. This has to be the game to change that. No. Colts lose 10-8. But the lose I can understand. Starting pitcher Colin Belk got hit in the eye with a line drive. With something like that you can tell took a lot out of the Colts. It’s a teammate that goes down with something like that defiantly plays with the mind. But they made a valiant effort but just came up short. Colin is in good spirits and is set to have surgery on Wednesday.

To wrap up this week you couldn’t point fingers or come up with excuses. You need to look at it as a whole. Long win streaks always have to come to an end. But next
week well be back to wining again.

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